ISA is a student association which has six branches all over the country,and A national representative meeting is the central organization. 

The main activities are the national events planned in a national representative meeting,

student meeting,and branch activity currently performed uniquely at each branch. 

A national representative meeting 


 It is the highest legislative organ of ISA constituted by the central officer of the chairperson of six branches across the country, and chairman, each part chief of a central secretariat and the head of various executive committees. 



Central secretariat 


 The central secretariat consists of the central director, the Local Finance Offices, a public relations section, an Ex. part, an I.W. part, etc. And the private member belonging to neither of six branches across the country receives jurisdiction of a central secretariat.



Six branches


 Making an organization and management are performed original with each branch. 

It consists of a private member system and a brunch system. 


※Brunch system・・・The number university of each branch within the circle has an organization (brunch) of ISA, and he is the member belonging also to a branch simultaneously.

 Private member system・・・The member system of belonging to each branch in an individual unit directly.



1:A student's independent organization

ISA is activity of research of international and a social concern, the present data analysis of the state of the world, promotion of command of English, etc.   It is a basic student's independent organization and all the events are altogether performed by the student's hand from the plan and the preparatory step. 


2:An organization with a nationwide organization

ISA has a branch in six places (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Kobe, Okayama, and Kyushu) across the country, and each branch is working under the unified idea and the purpose.


3:Nonprofit / Nonpolitical organization

ISA is the nonprofit organization which provides the activity fund by the fee and the donation from organizations. 

And it pierces through a fair and impartial position politically, and does not lean toward one thought. 


4:The organization which has membership qualification to all the students 

The door is opened to all the college student, graduate student, junior college student, and vocational school students.