The International Student Association of Japan


I.S.A. (International Student Association) is a student organization which was established in 1934. We are not focused on preconceptions, and we promote international/intercultural communication through discussing domestic/international issues in our exchange programs.


The basic idea of I.S.A. is to build deep relationship/connection through international/ intercultural communication beyond any barriers such as nation, race and gender. In order to contribute for world peace, we try to liminate any discrimination and have our own broad perspective.

Domestic Programs

ISC (International Student Conference)


ISC is a conference that has a long history. The 1st ISC was held in 1954 and has been held continuously every summer.  We discuss “global issues” for one week and make policy recommendations to the Japanese government.

I.W.W.J. (International Week West Japan)


International Week West Japan (I.W.W.J.) is a program in which we cooperate with a student organization in Europe. Students in Europe come to Japan and spend one week in the Kansai region. During the session we go sightseeing, have a company tour, and experience Japanese culture. This program is held in September every year.

JKSC (Japan Korea Student Conference)


JKSC is a student conference between Japanese and Korean participants. Our goal is to contribute to the peace of the Japan-Korea relationship. In 1985, the KJSC (Korea Japan Student Conference) was held in Korea, then six years later the 1st JKSC started was held in Japan. Our activity is not only discussion but also cultural exchange. 

W.Y.T.S. (World Youth Tourism Summit)


The purpose of W.Y.T.S. is to know Japan from the perspective of sightseeing tourists and think about how to utilize it. As an I.S.A. member who acts internationally, it is essential to understand Japan and be able to talk about it appropriately to foreign people. 

International Programs

ISAP (International Student Action Project)

The goal of ISAP is to acquire wide perspectives through action. We go to the Philippines every summer and do activities on dietary education, sanitation and so on. In addition, we have worked to build a water storage tank and cafeteria.



I.W. (International Week)


International Week is a student exchange program. The host countries include Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, China and others. The aim of this program is to understand the culture of the host country in terms of economy and business. 

Ex. (Exchange Program)


An exchange program is held during summer and spring vacations. The main content is interaction with students in a foreign country., We spend about one week and experience a foreign culture’s lifestyle. In 2019, Ex. was held in Vietnam, Indonesia and Mongolia.

Other Activities

I.S.A. has seven chapters; Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Okayama, and Kyusyu. Each chapter does some activities. New members are expected to go through an admission procedure at the chapter (it depends on where you live in).



There are some chapter activities such as discussion, playing sports and cooking of foreign food. Also, we hold Halloween and Christmas parties, a sports festival (playing sports which originated from foreign countries) and so on. Also, more than 150 members come to meet in Kansai (合宿) twice a year. Our goal is to become a more “international” person through these activities.