Overseas associate organization


We are allowed to tie up with many overseas organizations, and offer the broad program it is under world straddling. 






●South Korea
: International Student Association of Korea(ISA-K)

Philippines:  International Youth Association of Philippine

Mongolia: Otgontenger University

China: Global Exchange Network for Students at Peking University

Indonesia:  Indonesian Student Association For International Studies (ISAFIS)

         Asia Pacific-Indonesia Multicultural Understanding Network (APIMUN Network)
                       Kampung Expeditions

Vietnam: Eee Club at Univeristy of Social Sciences and Humanities

Israel: The Student Union of Tel Aviv University




Turkey: MANAGEMENT CLUB #University of Marmara

Switzerland: Ressort International IWC #Studentenschaft University St.Gallen

Hungary:  AIR-Association for International Relations at Corvinus University Budapest

The Ukraine: Young Diplomacy Centre

Slovenija: Management Group at University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Economics

Czechoslovakia: ESN VSE Prague - Buddy System at University of Economics Prague

Austria: ÖH-WU at WU Wien

Poland: Polish Students' Association (ZSP)

Croatia: Croatian student association

Finland: Student Union of the Helsinki School of Economics

Belgium: The Louvain School of Management

Denmark: Copenhagen Business School

Sweden: Uppsala EBA Student Association at Uppsala University

        International Checkpoint Gothenburg at University of Gothenburg School

        Lunda Ekonomerna at Lund University School
Spain: ESADE - Business School

●the Netherlands: Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

      Erasmus University & University of Amsterdam

Germany: PIM&CEMS Club at University of Cologne

Estonia : Student Union of Tallinn University of Technology