Foreign program

IW ( Student international week)

IW is  student exchange program which is held with a European partner group. Through this program, students know the culture of the host country from aspects of economy and management.

At the present time, IW is held in 21 countries.        Sweden, Germany, Denmark, China, Poland etc....

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Ex. (Exchange Program)

 An overseas student exchange program (following, Ex.) is an exchange program for two nations. Ex. of a total of five nations is held in one year as of 2015. 

 The main theme of this program is "Interaction of students for two nations".

 This program are held in Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine and Mongol.

ISAP (International student Action project)

ISAP take action in Philippine and Japan. The purpose of this project is " Grow up through collaboration each other and Get widening of viewpoints."

ISAP  has taught dietary education, health, music activity etc. in a Philippine elementary school.