What's I.S.A.?

What's I.S.A.?

International Student Association is a traditional student association whose mother organization was inaugurated in 1934.   

 It is the student association in whom the students of Japanese every place lead research of the problem which in and outside the country has, an international student meeting, a student exchange program with a foreign student, etc. regardless of the frame of each school, and are promoting the international mutual understanding. 


The contribution to global peace achievement」


 Our idea should be deepening a mutual understanding through cultural exchanges and a dialog with a foreign country, and begin a state, a race, and a principle and build mutual more deep bonds across all fences. And having a broad view, eliminating the hostile sentiments and misunderstanding which exist between each country and by extension, in the entire world, and deepening an international mutual understanding for global peace.



All management is performed only by the students,and about 20 universities and about 400 members are on the register as of 2018. A branch exists in Japanese every place and it consists of 7 branch organization of Tokyo, Nagoya,Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, and Kyushu. And the national training camp to which members all I.S.A. members meet with all the persons concerned is performed. twice a year.