Domestic program

I.S.C. (International Student Conference)

The students of world some countries meet together, and an international student meeting (ISC) discusses over the period of strength for one week. A cultural announcement, and sightseeing and the visit to a company are also performed during a term. 

 IWWJ (International Week West Japan)

IWWJ is  student exchange program which is held with a European partner group. The student of overseas 21 countries goes round the sight seeing spot, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. In addition, students visit some company and do home stay. 

J.K.S.C. (Japan Korea Student Conference)

 It is the bilateral exchange program held in each countries every year. 

  The subject for discussion of a meeting is taken up from the directions of many, such as international politics, economy, society, culture, and history, and active discussion is performed. 

   Not only discussion but cultural introduction, cultural experience, etc. which can be studied while enjoying the common feature or difference of both countries are planned during a meeting. 

W.Y.T.S. (World Youth Tourism Summit)

In the present world, "globalization" has become the center of attention.

We think that international exchange needs not only to to get to know about overseas, but to tell a thing of Japan firmly.  Through this program, we can get to know Japan still more. After that, we announce utilization methods and results for society.